Edit #1 dropping 08.09.2014

We made use of the awesome rainy weather in Vienna and finally cut our first edit this year. It's a slow pace night-pow thing and something we've never done before... and let me tell you, if you've thought that shooting pow in daylight is a lot of work... try doing it at night.

new shots! 21.03.2014

Well, no snow, but at least Matthias Amelin aka Motz found some time to work on his raws... Check out the gallery!

still praying for snow 09.02.2014

We're still praying for snow... At least we've enjoyed a couple of pow days before everything melted away. Take a look at the photo section for some new shots by mister Andy Kocher. ;)

from night to spring 08.10.2013

Finally our night and spring footage made it into an edit. Check it out in the videos section!

powdermag article 26.09.2013

holy... well... i mean holy sh*t!
Sweet Abbie Barronian just released a story about us on I still can't believe it!
A direct link to the story is here:
Thanks Abbie! ;)

dreams of august 13.08.2013

Still a lot of footage left, new pow edit is online. Less action, slower pace, enjoy.

season of bails 26.04.2013

Bail edit just went online. No more words needed.

ichi 12.04.2013

Our first season edit is online. We've put a lot of work in it, hope you guys enjoy it.

back we are 01.11.2012

New season, new luck. Everyone is recovered and back on track. Hopefully it stays this way for once...

everything sucks 08.01.2012

No skiing sucks. Vibes to everyone out there with an injury... Looks like higaski will be continued 2013.

first media coverage 03.01.2012

Flo continued our amazing series of epic wins and got his first media coverage by triggering an avalanche in Sportgastein.
Broken patella, out for 3 months.

online 16.12.2011

Since I tore my ACL again in november and afterwards even managed to break my left hand I suddenly got a lot of spare time... website is on.

hangover 12.08.2011

I'm not really sure what exactly happened yesterday. All I know is, that we somehow decided to found some kind of freeskiing crew...